Care Instructions

Care Instructions:
 Our bedding & baby essentials (blankets, burp cloths, wash cloths, excluding our heirloom thermal baby blanket)are made from the same materials which are 100% Certified Organic eight layer Cotton Gauze. It is very delicate, soft and truly heirloom quality. It is best washed cold with like colors, delicate cycle, tumble dry. This also applies for our dyed goods. Our dyed goods are processed with low impact dyes that are prepared in segments, much time goes into formulating the right tones but slight variations should be expected. Some fading with washes are to be expected as well. Our recommended detergents are natural soaps and  clean detergents without brighteners, heavy metals, chemicals etc., this will maintain longevity of your goods and that’s what we want!
How Bedding Arrive:
Our goods will arrive to you unlaundered and slightly textured depending on our batch of materials on hand ( the true beauty of natural fibers). We do this to offset excessive water waste and also allows for you to choose how you’d like to launder your goods based on your preferences. Every family is different and we want to respect that! Do keep in mind that our hand dyed goods will arrive to you slightly textured as well due to the dyeing process; however, you will still launder your goods first. Below you can check out before and after photos of how your blanket will arrive and how your blanket will look after it’s first wash. If you would like to know any further information please email .