About Us


 Hi Guys!

 Thanks for dropping in, just wanted to share a little about me. My name is Dee, Owner of the small shop you know as Poppy and Petal Co. Behind the scenes I do all the the things that bring my life so much joy. From sewing up goods, to creative photography, web-shop editing, to packaging and shipping, I can’t express the irrefutable bliss I get from each and every step! I’ve always loved to create and after starting a family of my own I felt inspired to pursue making my dream a career.

Here’s a little more about me, I was a fashion major, and worked retail seven years and mostly LOVED that part of my journey. Visual Display was my dream job until I started sewing so now I like to combine the two. In the future, my goal to open a small boutique/studio where I live to offer thoughtfully curated items to my community. My main goal with having this shop is to offer sustainability, goods with longevity, continual practice with use of natural fibers , while adding style that you find yourself relating to!

Thanks for being here and thanks for reading!